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This will be one of the few times when most of us can see this kind of graffiti-inspired work at a local gallery. If, like me, you are a fan of this aesthetic, this show is not to be missed. It is a rare local opportunity to see just how rich, and diverse this kind of art can be.


This fri. march 6th  5pm to 8 pm. 219 Gray Ave. GONE Gallery.

12 artists and 6  are doing murals this week to accompany the art on the walls.

Here is a 40 sec time lapse of me doing part of my mural

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     3 MARCH – 26 APRIL, 2015
SATURDAY MARCH 14, 3 – 7 pm
Wall space gallery is excited for its first exhibition of 2015, showcasing gallery artist
Bootsy Holler and her ten-year journey to examine an intangible family history. A story of a time and place, filled with the secrets they hold. This complex web of truths and half-truths we weave is at the heart of this narrative, filled with ideas of who we are and how we fit within the confines of our own lineage.

At the heart of this story in three parts is Bootsy’s desire to coalesce a sense of family, to forge relationships with distant family members, understand their secrets, and to expose the land where the family laid roots, and held private the deep secrets of the inherited lore.

Each chapter in this series has a unique perspective and approach to family.


Ruby & Wille No.24

Ruby & Willie
is a documentary vision of the objects we hold dear to keep our connection to those who have left us behind.  

Visiting Mount Rainier with the Warford Family, 1946
Visitor connects past into present through re-imagined family photographs.
From series Hanford Declassified, Hope
Hanford Declassified is a topographic examination of a secret landscape and its hold on the family.
Join us this Friday night  -
For more information about Bootsy Holler, Nuclear Family or wall space gallery please

contact the gallery.

 116 E Yanonali Street C-1
Santa Barbara, California 93101
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Here is the first of a whole bunch of really great things to see this Friday evening in the Funk Zone. More to come.


The Arts Fund Sculpture Survey
Opening – Friday, March 6th. 5-8pm

You are invited!
The Arts Fund Sculpture Survey


Featuring: Ed Inks, Greer Mehler, Michael Arntz, Ben Eckhart, Nathan Huff, Shannon Willis, Claire Frandsen, R. Nelson Parrish.


Curated by Brad Nack and Nancy Gifford


This show features a collection of contemporary sculptors who work with objects and forms and their relationship with the void that is created by these shapes.

The Arts Fund is excited to bring a 3-D show with such an accomplished and diverse group of artists to the Funk Zone.


The exhibit runs from March 6, 2015 to April 25, 2015


The opening reception will be part of the Funk Zone Art Walk on Friday eveningMarch 6th from 5 – 8 pm.


For more information please visit


The Arts Fund | 205-C Santa Barbara Street | Santa Barbara, CA. | 805 965-7321 | Wed. – Sat. noon – 5pm. Sun. 11 – 5pm.

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This week is a bit crazy, with both 1st Thursday the Funk Zone Artwalk happening back to back. Make sure to save some energy on Thursday so you have enough energy to walk around the Funk Zone on Friday night. I hope to see you out there.

Below is a show that opens on 1st Thursday. I’ll have more announcements forthcoming with Funk Zone events. Stay tuned.


unnamedLimited Palette Abstracts is a group art exhibition featuring works by Abstract Art Collective members. The AAC challenged its members to create an exhibit of artwork limited to three colors: black and white plus any one color. This challenge presented AAC members an opportunity to do more with less, to explore composition above color, to explore shapes and contrast. The result is a show with a cohesive quality where cohesiveness would not normally be apparent or inherent.

Artists’ Reception March 5, 5:00-8:00 pm, 1st Thursday reception upstairs at The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, located at 21 W. Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara.

The Limited Palette Abstracts exhibit will run through April 29, 2015

Show hours are Noon – 4pm, Wednesday through Sunday

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 | Author:

Psyched at MichaelKate Interiors

Featuring Deborah Lee Baker, Joaquin Howard, and Elmira Lilic

Curated By Jess Hinds

PSYCH-ED (V): To make mentally ready, as by inducing alertness or tension; key up.

(Merriam Webster’s Dictionary,1992).

An individual must posses a certain amount of mental mastery and bravery to choose to have their most intimate notions materialized and exposed to the public eye. The creative process begins with a specific perception stemming from any influential area of life. The accumulation of inspiration and excitement eventually allows the artist to reach the leaping off point into creative fluidity, producing an original and tangible reflection of one’s innermost views. The risk of the venture is a gamble worth wagering that the onlooker will engage and respond to the sentiment- becoming psyched for the piece.

Psyched will be showcasing three professional artists living and working in Los Angeles, CA. The three have fully embraced the Hollywood entertainment industry to their advantage with works appearing on numerous television shows, magazine publications, and hung in several Los Angeles galleries. While the differing styles of the three are apparent, the base of their creation(s) originates from a familiar place: the study of the human psyche. Deborah, Elmira, and Joaquin were all formally educated in psychology and their interpretations of the psychological perspective are uniquely displayed on canvas by way of acrylic, oil, pastel, and other mediums. Psyched will include ten original works of art from each artist.

The exhibition will be held at MichaelKate Interiors & Art Gallery, located at 132 Santa Barbara Street, and will be on view until April 19th, 2015. The opening reception will take place Friday, March 6th from 5-8pm; including a FunkZone podcast and discussion panel hosted by Ted Mills. The gallery is open everyday except Wednesday. The exhibition is free and open to the public. We are PSYCHED for this one!


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