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Youth Interactive Mural Party



“Mural in Motion”






We are the first youth led gallery of its kind in Santa Barbara.

The YI Creative Studio showcases & sells homegrown contemporary youth art from regional youth artists and their mentors in a creative hip commercial hub. Located in the heart of Santa Barbara’s touristic & gang neutral Funk Zone, this vibrant youth-run art gallery is bridging the opportunity divide for at risk, low-income youth in Santa Barbara County, and growing artistic literacy in the community. For more information about the Youth Interactive Creative Gallery,

please visit –

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Sorry for the misleading headline, as I have almost nothing new to report. It continues to seem very odd that this hasn’t gotten more traction, but I’ve had lots of requests for updates so I thought I’d at least report the following because I know many of your are trying to figure out how you can help. This was sent out to SBCC art students and alumni. You can find this on the “Save the Atkinson” facebook page:

Atkinson Gallery“We need you to advocate for an endowment to permanently support our essential learning laboratory. Due to contract restrictions, the Gallery Directorship must be endowed to secure it as a full-time, permanent position. Without this permanent source of funding for the Directorship, there will be severe reduction in the quantity and caliber of the Atkinson Gallery’s exhibits and public programs.
A gallery with a full-time, permanent director ensures impactful exhibitions, thought-provoking discussions, student exhibition opportunities, hands-on job training, and contact with professional artists via lectures, critiques, and workshops. This is the programming that makes SBCC the #1 community college in the nation, and makes our Art Department distinctively successful in helping you, our students, become the creative innovators of the future.

We need to hear your voices now. Please take the time to tell us how the gallery has inspired your growth by telling us a little bit about yourself then telling us what the gallery means to you. If you are an artist maybe include a few pieces of art and picture so we can showcase your work. All submissions can be mailed to”

When I have actual updates to report, I’ll make sure to get the word out. In the meantime, if you know anything about the current situation, please reach out to me so I can help spread the news.

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The Grandparent Portrait Show

The Grandparent Portrait Show will take place April 2-29 at the Faulkner Gallery in the Santa Barbara Public Library.  This biannual exhibition, sponsored by the Student Art Fund of the Santa Barbara Art Association, features more than150 portraits of grandparents and significant elders created in a variety of media by students in art classes taught at public junior and senior high schools in our area.

“The Grandparent Portrait Project connects students with their family roots and pride,” explains Audie Love, a retired art teacher from Dos Pueblos High School, who is the guiding force behind the Student Art Fund Committee. “Getting students to focus on the faces of their grandparents is a way of strengthening those connections, and, possibly, of inspiring the students with the hopes and aspirations that these grandparent figures have for them.”

Working under the guidance of their art teachers, young artists created over 400 portraits in media ranging from paintings in watercolors or acrylics, drawings in ink, pencil, or charcoal, photography, collages, mixed media, and clay sculptures for consideration.

Approximately 150 visual art works were selected for display.  As Love points out: “Establishing potential prizes for their art work and the chance to have it publicly exhibited in a place where their family and friends can visit with them are the incentives that engage them in the project.”

Awards of Excellence for eleven outstanding entries will be announced at the Family Reception on Friday, April 10. These awards are designated through a selection process that includes SAF Committee members—many are retired art teachers—and a professional juror.  The awards are made possible by: American Riviera Bank, the DeSha Family, Thomas and Willa Mann, Hilary Peattie, the Santa Barbara Art Association, Channel City Camera Club, Gene Hill, Gwen Taylor Dawson, Village Properties, The Aquiesse Company, and Worldview Pictures.

The proud grandparents of one of the award winners in the 2013 Grandparents Show commented, “It was so gratifying to know that our granddaughter investigated our lives and to see how creatively she expressed what she learned.”

The Grandparent Portrait Show is funded in part by the American Riviera Bank, the Santa Barbara Foundation, Village Properties, and the Community Arts Grant Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, and the Santa Barbara Art Association Student Art Fund.

The Grandparents Show is one of several ways that the Santa Barbara Art Association collaborates with local institutions and groups to support the arts in the lives of area students.  The Student Art Fund was founded in 2006 specifically to provide support, opportunity and encouragement to young visual artists and their art teachers in area public junior high and high schools.

A rich trove of images and information on all of the student exhibitions sponsored by the Student Art Fund is available at  For more information on the Santa Barbara Art Association, please see:

The Grandparent Show is on view April 2 to 29 during regular Library hours: Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Sunday, 1 to 5 p.m.

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How is it that in a town so small and interconnected as this that I just now heard about this story on Facebook (Thanks, Ted), as reported by SBCC’s own news organization? Please take a moment and read the article at the following link:

Atkinson GalleryThe Atkinson Gallery is a vital part of the Santa Barbara arts ecosystem, and its director, Sarah Cunningham, is someone of great value to our community’s culture. I’m just shocked that there has not been a bigger stink about this up to this point.

As I mentioned above, this is a relatively small town and cultural organizations like the Atkinson, MCA, SBMA, and all the galleries large and small are connected. Each one benefits from the existence of the others through the perceived vibrancy of Santa Barbara as an art-loving community. None of them are working in isolation, and losing one would generally be bad for them all.

It’s time to rally the troops.  Deploy the Palm!

Please stay tuned as more information comes in. If you have news to contribute, please post it in the comments below or contact me via email.

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