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Reindeer by Brad Nack

Reindeer by Brad Nack

I’ve been super busy getting ready for 1st Thursday and haven’t had a chance to shake myself out of my tunnel vision to look around. Thankfully, my good friend, Artist David J. Diamant, sent me the following list of awesome events that start this Thursday. You should be able to find enough art to buy holiday gifts for each and every loved one in your life, so don’t forget your check book.




Thursday: 1st Thursday on State in down town SB!

100 Grand at Sullivan Goss

AGORAPHOBIA: Portraits of American Interiors

Bella Rosa Galleries

Art & Soul of Santa Barbara -

Fig Mountain First Thursday


Friday in the Funk Zone and beyond:

Gone Gallery – “Exhibit A” – 13 local artists group show

Arts Fund – “Brad Nack 100% Reindeer Show” –

Koplin/Levin Studio – “HOLY DAZE art shindig” –

Green House Studios – “Tis the Season” –

Wall Space Gallery

There is the 62nd Annual Downtown Holiday Parade




Oreana winery – LOCALSMITH Holiday Market –

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Artist Reception with Christa Blackwood 12 December, 2014 6 -8pm


28 OCTOBER – 21 DECEMBER, 2014


Photo by Christa Blackwood

Photo by Christa Blackwood

wall space gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition featuring gallery artist Barbara Parmet paired with guest artist Christa Blackwood expanding the notion of photographic object and image.

Christa Blackwood will be in the gallery on Friday December 12th from 6 to 8pm for a special evening reception and discussion of her powerful and stunning work, Dot Red.

Charles Donelan of the Santa Barbara Independent says of Blackwood’s resonant photogravures “Blackwood embodies the aesthetic mission of many of the artists who show at wall space, which is to restore the shock of the new to photography, a medium in which even the most controversial gestures rapidly devolve into clichés.”

Christa Blackwood

a dot red

a dot red, a series of hand-pulled photogravures, explores new perspectives on traditional genres and images found in landscape and portrait photography. By combining historical photographic techniques with more contemporary conceptual strategies, these works shift the focus of attention, and enable a reconsideration of its classical subjects.

The prints are duo monoprint encaustic photogravures. The prints go though the flatbed etching press twice – once with the inked up plate for the landscape a second time when the print has dried to add the dot and then an encaustic veneer or varnish is added last, so they are encased in wax.


About Christa Blackwood

Christa Blackwood is a photo, text and installation artist working with themes related to identity, history, and popular culture. Her visual voice was developed while a student at New York University, when she began producing street installation art such as Butcherknives (1991), a work that addressed issues of sexual violence. A chilling juxtaposition of billboard-like close-ups and text from poet Michelle Kotler, Butcherknives, was plastered all over the streets of lower Manhattan on the evening that the William Kennedy Smith verdict was announced. The poster’s timely and provocative appearance resulted in heightened critical attention for Blackwood, including an invitation to join the Women’s Action Coalition (WAC) from renowned artists and scholars, Kiki Smith and Lucy Lippard.

Her dream-like sequences and texts employ multiple techniques and methods, fusing traditional, historical and alternative processes with IPhone image-making and street installations. Blackwood received her MA in Studio Art from New York University and a BA in Classics from The University of Oklahoma. Her work has been featured in several publications including The New York Times, NYQ, New York Newsday, The Village Voice and The Chicago Sun Times. She has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and abroad.

More background on Dot Red  –

naked lady: a dot red

Blackwood’s work employs both historic and modern photographic techniques to critique and give a contemporary and feminist voice to her photography. Exploring the idea of “the figure” with a red dot, backgrounded by historical landscape photographs, tradition and contemporary theory mingle, merge and clash. These traditional landscapes – historically photographed by men – act as metaphor for a male view, and through this the feminine metaphor of the “red dot” emerges and creates a visual enigma which deliberately defies this tradition. Often and traditionally portrayed as nudes, the female body in photographs stands in stark contrast to the portrayal of men – often the ones taking the portraits – famous male photographers such a Weston, Steiglitz, Man Ray, etc, who commonly employed “the male gaze” approach. A final, distressing statement is made in the last photo of the series, the red dot itself, with an anonymous female figure, divided.

n W. Tanner Young, Filter Photo

the boys of collodion

The young bare-chested men in this series of portraits, with their free-flowing dark hair and their wide-opened stares, seem to harken back to the first decades of photography, as much as having been pulled from the local skateboard park. Glued to whatever it is that is confronting them head-on, their fixated gazes might betray the name of the place that they mythically hail from: Collodion, from the Greek kollōdēs, meaning “gluelike.” Looking as though they have become suddenly entranced by the song of the sirens, or nearly petrified by the head of the gorgon, the boys of collodion are our modern day kouroi. Stripped of colour except for a single red badge—medal and scar—they are glued and unglued at once.

—John Paul Ricco

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Brad Nack 100% Reindeer Art Show moves to Santa Barbara Art’s Fund Gallery

Brad Nack 100% Reindeer Art Show Dec. 5, 2014Opening Night Friday Dec. 5th 5-8pm

The Santa Barbara Art’s Fund is proud to present, for the first time, The Brad Nack 100% Reindeer Art Show. This annual art show has become a Santa Barbara tradition and winter celebration. This year’s collection will add about 60 new and exciting works to the ever growing “HERD” which is now in its seventeenth year. In addition, there will be collaborative pieces with ceramic artist Scott Chatenever.

The Reindeer exhibitions are a part of Santa Barbara history, having traveled around the city over the years to a variety of galleries and art spaces including Frame, Center Stage Theater, Roy and Soho. Nack’s Reindeer exhibits have also circled the globe with shows in London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tulsa and Portland.

The exhibition runs thru Jan. 3rd, 2015 – Buyers may pick up art after Dec 13th, (or earlier if necessary). See you Dec 5th at 5pm for the opening!

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Chakaia Booker

The Westmont-Ridley Tree Museum of Art

December 11, 2014 – January 31, 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 11, 2014 | 4-6pm

Color of Hope . 2010 . Rubber tires & wood, 98 x 174 x 36 inches . Courtesy of Chakaia Booker.

Color of Hope . 2010 . Rubber tires & wood, 98 x 174 x 36 inches . Courtesy of Chakaia Booker.



The Westmont-Ridley Tree Museum of Art is proud to host Chakaia Booker’s West Coast premiere exhibition!

Booker’s commanding rubber tire sculptures range from otherworldly configurations to sensual, anthropomorphized forms. Booker’s prints are equally captivating. She has worked in a variety of media and practiced many art forms, but rubber tires – with their raw, industrial texture and jet-black intensity – have become Booker’s chosen medium and the hall- mark of her artistic identity.

Her sculptures are visual treats, but more importantly they urge viewers to confront the complexities of contemporary society. Industry, the environment, race, class, and gender all form the conceptual basis of her abstracted sculptural work. To create her prints, Booker works in collaboration with Master Printer Phil Sanders and utilizes several methods including woodcut, chine colle, embossing, and hand-painting.

Booker’s art contains multiple levels of significance and complexity, but her work remains accessible. The Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art invites you to experience Booker’s nuanced reinvention of rubber tires, as well as her dynamic works on paper.


Museum hours are 10am – 4pm Monday through Friday, and 11am – 5pm on Saturdays.

The Museum is closed Sundays and college holidays.

Admission is free. Free group tours by appointment.

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Hey everyone. This email just landed in my inbox and I don’t want to waste a minute before getting it out to the masses. It is a really cool idea, and it a chance to have your work featured in the News-Press. Read the email below for all the details about the story and instructions on how to submit.


Good afternoon, Nathan

I’m working on a Life section cover story about what artists would imagine Santa Barbara would look like if we had a true, snowy winter.

I’m looking for artists to paint or draw an image of distinctive Santa Barbara areas covered with snow. It would be within the city limits of Santa Barbara and could be State Street, the Mission, the harbor, etc. (One artist so far has agreed to paint an image of a snow-covered Courthouse.)

If they’d like to participate, they can reach me at 805-564-5277, I would need the art completed by Dec. 7. The medium can be any kind of painting or drawing.

During the week of Dec. 7, I would have a News-Press photographer take a picture of the finished  art and the artist. I would ask the artist a few questions for the story. I would be glad to include the artist’s contact or website information with the story, and the artist could use that to sell the original art or prints of it.

The story will run in late December before Christmas.

Thanks, Nathan,

Dave Mason

Features reporter

Santa Barbara News-Press


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