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Thursday, April 23, 2015 – 5:30pm to 6:00pm
Thursday, April 23, 2015 – 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Reception from 5:30 to 6 PM   Lecture at 6 pm


unnamed (2)

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Barbara Eberhart

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On view: April 19 – July 12, 2015
Opening reception: Saturday, April 18, 6 – 8 pm


Join us for the West Coast premiere of Teen Paranormal Romance, a group exhibition featuring Kathryn Andrews, Ed Atkins, Chris Bradley, Roe Ethridge, Jill Frank,Guyton\Walker, Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen, Anna K.E., and Jack Lavender. The exhibition explores the recent popularity of the “Teen Paranormal Romance” literary genre, characterized by romantic love with elements of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

Teen Paranormal Romance includes sculpture, photography, and video that tap into the conceptual veins of this widely acclaimed genre. The works offer subtle commentary on the dark zeitgeist of paranormal phenomena and the ideological positions it influences regarding topics that range from religious belief to sexual politics. Exemplified by series such asTwilight, The Hunger Games, True Blood, and the Divergent trilogy, the movement towards this supernatural fiction has, as the curator states, “rendered the unconscious a derelict playground sprouting weeds of escapist surrealism.”

This exhibition was organized by Hamza Walker, Director of Education and Associate Curator at The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago. He was recently selected to co-curate the Hammer Museum’s Made in L.A. 2016 Biennial.

The opening reception will include refreshments provided by Telegraph Brewing Co.,Sunstone Winery, and Artiste Winery.


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This just in from the Art department at City College. It’s a start. I’m very excited to see that Geoff Green and the SBCC Foundation are on the case. That is encouraging!


Atkinson Gallery Seeks  

to Secure 40-year Community Legacy


The Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) Art Department, along with the SBCC Foundation, seeks to secure the Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara’s cherished educational and community gallery. The annual cost of maintaining the Gallery and its programming at current levels is approximately $100,000. Ultimately a $2 million endowment is needed to preserve the Gallery Directorship as a permanent, full-time position.  Unfortunately, state funding sources do not include support of this integral position, on which the success of the gallery’s exhibits and programs depend; 95% of salary and program costs are funded by private donations.

unnamedNamed after Charles Atkinson, a founding member of the SBCC Art Department, the Atkinson Gallery has been in existence since 1975. Although the SBCC Foundation successfully established a small endowment that partially supports the Gallery Directorship, it is insufficient for long-term sustainability. As such, the fundraising goal has shifted from the year-to-year funding that has supported the temporary annual position, to endowing the directorship fully. “A $2 million endowment for the directorship will ensure the continuation of the impactful exhibitions, hands-on job training, community outreach and education, and professional artists’ lectures for which the gallery has been well-known and valued for 40 years,” says Joy Kunz, SBCC Art Department Chair.

“Through the Atkinson Gallery’s programs, students learn critical thinking skills essential for future careers in the arts and beyond. True to our mission at SBCC, the Atkinson Gallery is an invaluable learning laboratory that provides students a diverse learning environment that inspires curiosity and discovery,” says Lori Gaskin, SBCC President. Indeed, current SBCC art student Ben Eckert says, “Without the influence, support, and guidance of the Atkinson Gallery, I can honestly say that I would not be making the caliber of work that I am today, and without the experience of participating in shows like the Small Images show or the Annual Student show, I would not have the confidence to follow my dream of attending art school & becoming a professional artist.” Atkinson Gallery Director Sarah Cunningham adds, “The Gallery is a dynamic classroom for both SBCC students and the community. Just last week, we had 60 elementary school students join in a gallery discussion and a hands-on art making activity with local artist Maria Rendón.”

On the occasion of the Atkinson Gallery’s 40th anniversary, with the newly renovated facilities and the blessing of the Atkinson family, the Art Department and SBCC Foundation plan to offer recognition opportunities including the re-naming of the gallery to potential donors. “We encourage donations big and small. We know our community truly treasures the Atkinson Gallery, and we look forward to working with the college and community to secure both the Gallery and the Director’s position in perpetuity,” says Geoff Green, CEO of the SBCC Foundation.

Donations are welcome via the gallery website,, where we are also collecting testimonials regarding the gallery’s impact.

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a UCSB Art Event

MFA 2016

As we present ourselves for advancement to candidacy, the UCSB MFA 2016 cohort has a lot on its mind.

Artists always do. You can tell by our statements and our explanations.

“At present, I am thinking about…”
“My work explores…”
“I am currently investigating…”

The UCSB MFA class of 2016, Emily Baker, Vanesa Gingold, Rebecca Kerlin, Morgan McAllister, Tom Pazderka, George Sanders and Shannon Willis, invite you into the circle of our


, our Spring 2015 group exhibition, offers for your consideration the fruits of our first year’s labors. Come, make merry with us and critique our work! It’s what we’re here for.

University of California Santa Barbara Project Space aka The Red Barn aka The Old Gym

Exhibition dates April 7th to April 17th, 2015
Gallery hours 2 to 6 pm and by appointment,

Reception April 15th 2015, 5 to 7 pm.

For questions, appointments and press inquiries, email

Google Maps location

Recommended Visitor parking lots are Lot 27 or the Mesa parking structure.

Interactive UCSB Parking Map and Building Locator: Building 479,

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