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It’s time for another trip down to Carpinteria to check out the new show at the Anderson Art Collective. I’ve written plenty of gushing things about the Andersons, so I won’t add too many more, other than to say that it is all true.  They have a beautiful gallery, show great art, and are making it work in little ol’ Carpinteria. If you haven’t been down to pay them a visit, make the extra effort to get down to see this show.

Sean Anderson's Blue Hut

Sean Anderson
Influential Pigment

March 19 – April 10, 2001
Opening Reception March 19th 5 – 8

Anderson Art Collective Opens Influential Pigment on March 19th

Santa Barbara – At 25 years of age Sean Anderson is attempting to make it to shore from the sea of lost mid-twenties artists searching for their voice, trying to find land amongst the vast turbulent seas that make up the daunting art world. As co-curator/owner of the budding Anderson ART Collective in Carpinteria, Ca, he has not only found earthly purchase for his own work, but also throws the occasional life vest to other similarly adrift art souls in his attempt to curate cutting edge exhibitions at the gallery. After organizing the well received ‘Exchange’ the most recent show at AAC, Mr. Anderson is now gearing up for his second solo show at the gallery opening March 19 with an artist’s reception from 6-8pm.

Aptly titled Influential Pigment, Anderson continues to play with themes of advertising and commercialism and their influence on our daily life. This most recent work searching for bridges that connect America and its 3rd world counterparts and finding mass marketing tools of color theory and fluorescents at the core. With a visceral palette of neon enamel, oils and mixed media, Anderson’s paintings and installations for this show portray simple huts and jungles that seem to clash elegantly with the juggernaut that is American Capitalism.

“When first viewed, this most recent body of work exudes a certain, eye-catching ‘you can’t not look at me’ feel with neon greens, oranges and pinks that are inescapable. Almost as if hidden in the jungle, bathing the primitive huts in a fluorescent glow, are neon signs just out of eyes reach urging one to buy, sell or trade at western world pace. Yet, once past the initial impact of color, the content of serene scenes and classic ideals of  ‘hut in jungle’, seem to tame the buzz of neons and form the ideas behind Anderson’s newest paintings. Provoking notions as simple and profound as man vs. nature, need vs. greed and insinuating a movement towards an obsequiously homogenous world-culture, these works not only ask questions, but are unnervingly provocative in their neon hues,” notes co-curator Benjamin Anderson.

“With nods to Katz’s neo-expressionist nature, Ruscha’s mass media commentary and Doig’s dream-like magical realism, Sean Anderson has found his own voice in this new work that bespeaks a need to move forward in art practice and retain honest heart-felt commentary.

In keeping with the Anderson Art Collective policy of supporting non-profits through the sale of art, Influential Pigment will benefit Netzer-Brady International (www.netzerbrady.org) and support their work with the Rio Beni Health Project in Bolivia.

Anderson ART Collective is located at 410 Palm Avenue, A2, in Carpinteria, CA and is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon until 5pm and by appointment. Influential Pigment will continue through April 10th.
For more information go to www.andersonARTcollective.com or call 805.684.8783.

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