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The following email found its way into my inbox and I thought it would be worth sending it along to anyone out there reading this. It is for a really good cause and anything I might do to help get the word out, is worth doing.


Hello my wonderful art-related friends.
As some of you may know, last year I began working at a very unique high school art program, the Visual Arts & Design Academy at Santa Barbara High School. The kids here are awesome and talented and inspiring, and also very lucky.

Funding for the arts in public schools is abysmal, literally the bottom of the barrel in terms of society’s priorities. But here in Santa Barbara, there is a thriving community of young artists and creatives who have the opportunity to show their work regularly, take academic classes that have artmaking integrated into the curriculum, pursue mentorships & internships with professional creatives and local businesses, and have a place all their own, a “school within a school” at a huge public high school.

The experience they are having is so totally different from my high school experience, and I’m sure from yours. This is possible because the 12 year old VADA program is funded through a combination of a substantial state grant, matching funds from the school district, and support from the community. Raising money and in-kind donations from local businesses and individuals is required in order to continue receiving the state grant.

I’m writing today to ask if you will consider donating an artwork to the 1st ever VADA Art Auction. We hope that this will become an annual tradition that will highlight our community partnerships with artists, designers, architects and other creative professionals. All auction proceeds will benefit VADA, and will help fund museum/gallery field trips, art supplies, student exhibitions and other enrichment activities. I’ve attached the details about the event. The donated artwork can be your own, or a piece from your collection, but it must be ready-to-hang (or display on a pedestal) and delivered by the end of next week.

Please forward on to anyone that you think might be interested in showing support for the next generation of young artists in Santa Barbara. Check out the VADA website ( and Facebook page ( for more information about the program and fun pix of the kids and their work. And if you think you might like to get involved by giving a presentation in the classroom, or mentoring a student, let me know!

Artwork needs to be dropped off no later than Monday morning at 10am, preferably by Friday afternoon. Thanks so much for your help! 🙂


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