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THIS 1ST THURSDAY: We’re inviting everyone to a gallery show and open house co-hosted by the Santa Barbara Sculptors Guild at the CAW!

–April 7th, 631 Garden St, from 5-8pm–

At “CAW in Action: The Sculptors Guild” the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative and the Santa Barbara Sculptors Guild are co-hosting a gallery show and open house, inviting everyone to see the new Community Arts Workshop and some great art, and any artist with an idea to come see how they can use the space.

This 1st Thursday, April 7th, come experience a new workspace for artists in Santa Barbara with boundless potential.

1918665_1122799427751143_1265671969366334996_nAt 631 Garden St, a vision that has been in the work for decades is being realized. For the last few months the Community Arts Workshop has been in the midst of renovation giving space to some of Santa Barbara’s most creative institutions – The Solstice Celebration, Pianos on State, Revels, Youth Interactive, and more. This April 7th, as part of the downtown 1st Thursday festivities, it will be filled with art and opened to the public.

The Santa Barbara Sculptors Guild will show a wide variety of curated sculptures and wall art from artists all over Santa Barbara. Appetizers and drinks will be served. Visitors can tour the buildings, see the great work of the Sculptors Guild, have a look at iron-work artist David Shelton’s 9-headed hydra (soon to be part of the CAW’s public art gates, featured in a recent Independent article), and share their vision with board members about ways the space can be used. Board president Rod Hare will give a presentation at 6:15pm about the CAW and its future.

Please come enjoy the work of the Santa Barbara Sculptors Guild and imagine what you can do at Santa Barbara’s new Community Arts Workshop.

When: April 7th, 5- 8 p.m., with presentation at 6:15 p.m.

Where: The Community Arts Workshop, 631 Garden Street, Santa Barbara.

More information about the CAW including video, photos, and details on usage can be found at www.sbcaw.org.

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