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Call to Artists: CAW Mobile Arts Clinic available to all
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A little patch of studio in the middle of the Solstice Festival can be yours

The Community Arts Workshop has a booth at the Solstice Festival in Alameda Park in three weeks, and we don’t want it all to ourselves. Instead, we’re setting up the CAW Mobile Arts Clinic: an arts workshop (tent) on location at the Solstice Festival which artists can reserve for an hour or two and do their work in front of several thousand passers-by at the Solstice Festival.

You want to be one of those artists, don’t you?

You can (for example):

  • Paint portraits of festival-goers
  • Teach a class
  • Improvise a dance concert
  • Read a play
  • Display and promote and sell your work

Times available:

  • 1-2 hour slots between 4 and 9pm, Friday June 24th; and between noon and 8pm Saturday June 25th. (That’s three weekends from now.)

Location: Alameda Park, Santa Barbara, Solstice Festival

The rules are:

  • E-mail us at hello@sbcaw.org with a paragraph about you and your art and a couple of images or representations of the kind of work you want to do in the Arts Clinic.
  • Tell us what times you would be interested in.
  • At the festival, you must be doing work live, you cannot for example just hang art for sale (though you can hang and sell art in addition to your live work).
  • We especially want to see work that allows for participation from festival-goers. An arts activity they can do themselves, for example, or a performance you make based on audience suggestions.

Interested? Send us an e-mail! Know someone else who might be interested?Forward this to them with the social buttons below.


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