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Thursday, December 10th, 2015 | Author:

Arts Fund Gallery – Artists’ Balls

Curated by Hugh Margerum

Fri Dec 11th 5.00pm 8.00pm


In his original request for artists proposals for inclusion in the Artists’ Balls show, curator Hugh Margerum said, “as we all know, whether you are male or female, it takes balls to make art…” The resulting show encompasses that sentiment and extends in the case of the nine participating artists to a broad interpretation of the ball theme in paintings, drawings, sculpture, and wall pieces. The Artists’ Balls idea for a show came about as a result of a conversation between artists. The original idea for the show was to exhibit balls that artists had collected; it seems as though many artists have amassed a personal collection of a variety of spherical found objects from a wide variety of sources. The concept evolved beyond simply showing balls from artists’ collections to selecting a group of artists who would direct their creative energies to creating work on the broader ball theme, basing their work for this show on their interpretation of “balls” that would include biological balls, conceptual balls, sport balls, gum balls, game balls, sculptural orbs, and other spherical interpretations.

In addition to Ann Diener, Julia Ford, Carlos Grano, Colin Gray, Hugh Margerum, Giuliana Mottin, Keith Puccinelli, Tom Stanley, and Dug Uyesaka who are the selected artists for the main show, dozens of other artists will be showing pieces they have created especially for a fun fundraiser aspect of the show called the “Ball Wall”. Artists in the community were provided a ‘blank canvas’ plastic sphere (donated from the National Building Museum in Washington D.C.) to artistically transform. This could be done by painting, drilling, collaging, puncturing, filling, or by any other creative manipulations to the ball to make a piece that will be exhibited on the “Ball Wall” and will be for sale for $100 to benefit The Arts Fund.

The exhibition will be held at The Arts Fund Gallery, located at 205-C Santa Barbara Street, and will be on view until January 30th, 2016. A public reception will be held in the gallery on the evening of Friday, December 11th from5:00-8:00 pm during the Funk Zone Art Walk. Regular gallery hours are WednesdaySunday from 12-5pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

The AFTER PARTY will be held at Shalhoob’s new “Ball Room” just around the corner at 220 Gray Avenue from 8-11pm. Music by DJ Fab, planetary installation by Mathew McAvene, and video projections by Nancy Gifford and Joanne A. Calitri! You can purchase tickets at the door for $20, cash only. Ticket includes ball themed food by Chef Pete Clements and one complimentary glass of wine or beer. Please RSVP via Facebook here or with The Arts Fund to be added to the guest list as space is limited. We hope to see you there!

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Now there’s a post title that should get some attention…

This event is so exciting I almost didn’t want to post about it for fear of hurting my chances of getting some artwork by a great artist without breaking the bank. Seriously though, I would never do that. Art from Scrap is too wonderful an organization to hold back from helping them raise some money. And clearly I am not alone in thinking this, the list of artists who have signed up for this event range from national and international stars such as Yoko Ono (seriously?!?), and Jeff Bridges; local superstars like Penelope GottliebAnn Diener and John Nava; old favorites from the Haley Collective like Yoskay Yamamoto J. Shea9, Tanner Goldbeck, and Larry Mills; and up-and-comers like Inga Guzyte and Zack Paul. It would not be a stretch to say that nearly everyone I have ever written about on this blog will be part of this show. And then there are all the other great artists that I haven’t mentioned.

The deal is that you don’t know who has done each piece until you drop the $200 bucks to buy it. So it pays to do your homework if you want something by a particular artist. For $100 bucks you can get in the door at 6:30 to get first pick, or wait until 7pm and get in for $20. But if you are at all interested in any of these artists it would be silly to wait until 7. Getting a piece of art for $300 bucks from any of these artists is a steal, and you’re helping Art From Scrap to boot.

All the info is listed below, but if you haven’t checked out the artist list you can find it here.  And make a note that this show is not at Art From Scrap. It will be at the Brooks Institute’s Gallery 27 at 27 West Cota St.

See you there.

One Night Stand is a benefit in support of Art From Scrap, a leading environmental education and art organization, now in its 20th year ofencouraging creative expression in the arts and promoting a greater understanding of environmental issues.

This art exhibition will be up for one night only – Saturday August 20, 2011 – at Gallery 27, a professional art gallery affiliated with Brooks Institute in downtown Santa Barbara. Contemporary artists from around the country are being personally invited to contribute artwork in all mediums.

Watch the Artist list grow! 

The element of surprise is essential to One Night Stand
. The artist’s name will only be revealed after the artwork is purchased. Sophisticated art patrons and first time collectors will trust their instincts as they hunt for works of art that both intrigue and excite their sensibilities. Once selected, each work of art will be purchased for $200.

While this may be your first One Night Stand we guarantee you will feel great the next morning, knowing that your generosity helped support environmental education and the arts ….
and Art From Scrap will have the utmost respect for you! 


Click Here to make your Reservations – Early Entry (6:30) $100;  General Entry(7:00) $20




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Monday, October 20th, 2008 | Author:

At Santa Barbara City College’s Atkinson Gallery this month local artist Colin Gray has an exhibit of new work, much of which was inspired by a recent trip to Dubai. Gray may be best known for his controversial “W” which appeared on State Street in 2006. If you don’t remember the story, Gray has his retelling of it here.

The current show at the Atkinson contains a great number of large and small drawings containing images that convey a remarkable sense of frenetic motion.  Many of these images seem to be frozen in place, as if the the viewer had stopped time and was able to leisurely take in the great details in each. The deep, and often warped geometry of the landscapes lend a sense of grandure, while the cartoonish style gives the pictures a feeling of light hearteness. There is a witty playfulness in this contrast that makes Gray’s work simultaneously beautiful and cerebral.

Colin Grays UNKOWN LAND #70, #67, and #65

Colin Gray's UNKOWN LAND #70, #67, and #65

This contrast is given its most monumental expression in Unknown Land. A series of three tapestries hung in a triptych covering an entire wall of the gallery. The tapestries were fabricated by tapestry maker John Nava using Gray’s exact design.

On October 22nd, at 4:30 Gray will be giving a public lecture on his work at the Atkinson gallery . The show will be open through the end of the month.

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