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Monday, February 14th, 2011 | Author:

Art Show in Santa Barbara's Jane Deering Gallery In last month’s Art Crawl this show at Jane Deering Gallery was one of my favorite stops. It showcases a great variety of styles and media and is definitely worth a visit. I’ve been impressed by the shows at this new gallery and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Jane Deering Gallery
25 E. De la Guerra Street
Santa Barbara . CA 93101


MMULTIPLES :editions / series / US + UK artists

February 1 – 26Tuesday-Saturday : 11am-5pm .
Sundays and Mondays by appointment

A group show is not an easy one to curate, particularly when the group is diverseand work embraces multi media. The artists in this collective are of differentgenerations and ethnic backgrounds, work in different climates, and – mostimportantly – have distinct aesthetics. A common notion needs to be found. Inthis instance, the art on view is united by the concept of multiples. Many of theworks are editioned; others have been developed as a series, with each in theseries holding its own but united thematically to all the others in the series, as inChristina Seely’s Metropolis 35o 41’N 139o 46’E (Tokyo) from the series ‘Lux;’ NeetaMadahar’s Suky with Cherry from the series ‘Flora;’ Juni Van Dyke’s Untitled pastelsfrom the series ‘10×10;’ Paul Cary Goldberg’s platinum prints from the series ‘RecentReflections;’ Steve Rosenthal’s photographs from the series ‘White on White;’ andGeoffrey Bayliss’ drawings and monotypes from his series ‘Studio Still Lifes.’ Singleworks were chosen for the multiple images within them, as in Wayne McCall’s GrandeSalon, Annotated or Dana Salvo’s Pilar with Ofrenda. On another level, artists DawnSouthworth, Joan Tanner and Rachel Perry Welty work with non-traditional materialsand ‘the things we toss.’ Consider Southworth’s Untitled Burnt Offerings, Tanner’sTrophy Podium, and Welty’s Fruit Sticker Drawings as multiples of that method. Andmany pieces in the show manifest ‘the multiple’ on several levels. Rana Begum’ssilkscreens, Untitled, paired with her sculpture, Box Construction #95, is a case inpoint. Each of Begum’s silkscreens is a rippling cascade of innumerable colors whichrecede and advance as high-key striations play off one another; the accompanyingbands of bold color in the diminutive boxes echo and multiply the vibrancy of thesilkscreens.

Participating in MMULTIPLES are Geoffrey Bayliss . Rana Begum . Paul CaryGoldberg . Neeta Madahar . Wayne McCall . Steve Rosenthal . Dana Salvo . ChristinaSeely . Dawn Southworth . Joan Tanner . Juni Van Dyke. Works by many ofthese artists are in national and international collections, including : Santa BarbaraMuseum of Art; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Victoria & Albert Museum, London;Fogg Museum at Harvard University; DeCordova Museum, Lincoln Massachusetts;Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, among others.

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 | Author:

A couple of months ago one of Santa Barbara’s most important art dealers, Patty Look Lewis, closed her doors for good. It was a serious loss in the grand scheme of Santa Barbara’s art ecology. The loss has been lessened somewhat, however, by the opening of a new gallery at the same location. Jane Deering Gallery opened its doors for January’s 1st Thursday, exhibiting a show of large format photography.  If you are a fan of photography, make sure to make a visit to the show before the month’s end.  The gallery is currently only scheduled to be open until the end of April. I’ve pasted the schedule of shows and some information on the gallery below. For those of you joining me on the Art Crawl in February (more info coming soon), it will definitely be on our itinerary.


The Jane Deering Gallery opened in 2002 and presents contemporary art by established and emerging artists from the US and Europe. Artists from the UK and Ireland are shown in collaboration with Purdy Hicks Gallery of London.

The gallery has a strong interest in artists living and working in Gloucester on Cape Ann, Massachusetts, an area rich in artistic heritage. The superb light and rugged features of its coastline has long been an attraction for artists of international reputation, among them Milton Avery, Marsden Hartley, John Marin, Arthur Dove, Edward Hopper, Stuart Davis to name a few. The contemporary work created in this area continues to be robust and innovative. The gallery presents two exhibitions each summer during July and August in Gloucester. Please contact the gallery for details of the 2011 summer shows.

The gallery also has a focus on the contemporary Californian artists of both the Santa Barbara and northern-California regions and recently has opened a gallery at 25 E. De la Guerra Street . Santa Barbara CA 93101. Open Tues-Sat 11am-5pm. January through April 2011.


January : Photographs by Youngsuk Suh. Images from both his ‘Instant Traveler’ and ‘Wildfires’ series. Suh’s work is in the collection of the SBMuseum of Art.

February : Group show (mixed media) of established American and UK artists. Among them :
Wayne McCall and Joan Tanner of Santa Barbara. Christina Seely of San Francisco. Rana Begum and Neeta Madahar of the UK. Dana Salvo, Dawn Southworth, Paul Cary Goldberg and Juni Van Dyke of the East Coast. Work by these artists are in many major public and private collections.

March : Multi-panel panoramic photographs of greenhouses from around the world, with a selection of greenhouses from Malibu, Carpinteria and Santa Barbara.
Artist : Esther Pullman, MFA Yale University.

April : Duck Blinds of Louisiana. New photographs. Artist : Nell Campbell of Santa Barbara.

Jane Deering Gallery Santa Barbara