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Wednesday, July 04th, 2012 | Author:

Happy 4th of July!

Save some energy for 1st Thursday tomorrow. Below you will find a map of our planned itinerary. I’d love to have you join us. We’ll start in the Mayor’s Office, so make sure to be on time. The mayor closes her office promptly so she can get out to see 1st Thursday for herself, so we’ll be getting out of there right at 5:45.  This will also be the last time we’ll have the opportunity to visit the studio of the gifted young artist, Derek Harrison. For those who have joined us for our passed visits, it has always been a really incredible highlight of the evening, so don’t miss out on the chance to see this place before Derek leaves us for LA.

Click on the map below to see a larger version.

First Thursday Map (July '12)

Monday, January 30th, 2012 | Author:

I seem to have been so busy lately that I have been slow to get organized for this month’s Art Crawl. Because of this, I’m going to publish the exact same map that I used for last month’s Art Crawl, but I’ll also reserve the right to make some last minute deviations of our route. One of the challenges in organizing the Art Crawl is that many of the places I want to hit the most are also the farthest apart and for some people that is just too far to walk. So I do my best to balance these factors and encourage people to wear comfortable shoes. OH… and try to eat before you come. 1st Thursday happens right at dinner time and you can find yourself famished before get to see the place you’ve been waiting for all night.  The last few month’s we’ve had a really great turn out, and I’ve met some really great people… not to mention seen some pretty great art.

The Art Crawl begins at 5:45 sharp, however, if you know you’re going to be late you can follow our progress on Twitter.

Maybe we’ll see a movie star?

Santa Barbara's 1st Thursday Art Crawl

click on the image above for a larger map

Monday, January 02nd, 2012 | Author:

Happy New Year, one and all. I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to get the new year started. We are going to start 2012 off with a less frantic version of the monthly 1st Thursday Art Crawl. This should allow us to take a bit more time at each location and soak in the art more thoroughly. We will end the night at the studio of one of Santa Barbara’s most talented young painters, Derek Harrison. After missing his studio last month because of a miss-communication, we are back on track for this month. It should be a great night, and I hoping to see another big crowd join us for the evening.

You can find a map of the proposed itinerary below. The Art Crawl starts PROMPTLY at 5:45, so if you can’t make it at the beginning, use the map to track us down. I also usually update our location live on twitter.

See you on Thursday!

Click on the image below for a larger, printable version of the map.

Santa Barbara First Thursday Art Crawl

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 | Author:

After a hiatus from the Downtown Organizations’s 1st Thursday last month, I’m back for the last Art Crawl of the year and this is going to be an extra special event. First of all, I am going to focus on many of the venues that have previously been neglected for one reason or another. We will start on the southern-most part of the festivities and will work our way up to a last stop at one of my favorite local artist’s studio near the Arlington theater. This means that we’ll be doing a bit more walking than usual, so make sure to eat before you come and wear comfortable shoes. It also mean that we will stop at fewer places than usual so we have time to take in these new places.

Joining us for at least part of the evening will be a group of revelers from Repeal Day Santa Barbara. Monday December 5th is the anniversary of the day that prohibition was repealed. They have some big festivities planned for the entire weekend and they start the whole shebang off with the Art Crawl.

I’ve posted a map of the tentative itinerary below. Click on the map to see an enlarged version. If you want to join us, make sure to be at Wall Space Gallery before 6pm. We will leave there promptly to make sure we have time to get everywhere.

Finally, the Art Crawl has a new site on Meetup.com. Check it out. I wasn’t familiar with it until recently, but it ends up being a pretty great online site for organizing in person events.

I hope to see you on Thursday!

December First Thursday Art Crawl